Ski Jumping in the Winter Olympics

This is our 2nd internet code-cast on learning to code.

Hello again! We hope you all enjoyed the neon-coloured heart we did last week.

This week we upped the game and play a sport – ski-jumping! Watch the video above to find out the details. Today we try a new video mode and you may find watching someone code could also be like watching a sport!!

Key concepts in maths, physics and computer science we covered in this activity:

  1. [CS] Iterative functions
  2. [Python] arithmetic operators, tuple, numpy
  3. [Maths] Trigonometry, analytic geometry, parabola
  4. [Physics] Newton’ First, Second and Third Laws
  5. [Physics] Friction and drag

An advanced audience may become aware of the leapfrog integration used to calculate the distance from a given acceleration/g-force, but it is not the main point here.

With Courage

Try yourself!

You can click here to watch the video above in a separate window so that you can follow the steps easily in the code window below.

Try to follow my video tutorial in the code window below! It is easier than you think. Spend a quiet and focused 15 minutes, learn something useful and beneficial.

I have embedded a near-complete set of the code I wrote in the trinket block below for you to play with. The mundane parts have all been done by me but the fun parts are left to you to complete, which are marked with underscores “_____”. Your task is to replace all the underscores with sensible data or value, such that the Python ski jumper can do a nice long jump over 100m.

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