Amazing Snowflakes

Hello. This week we want to play with (virtual) snowflakes! We have two programs for you.

  1. Hit the “Run” button of the first trinket below, and check out the snow flakes we created for you!
  2. Follow the instructions, complete the second trinket (answers provided inline for your convenience), and start drawing your own snowflakes!

*Parents to young children, you are welcome to follow the simple steps and let you children start drawing their own snowflakes. Let’s see if you can come up with some nice designs.

Random Snowflakes

Hit the "Run" button and see what's generated!

Random Snowflakes

Try yourself with the code!

You can click here to watch the video above in a separate window so that you can follow the steps easily in the code window below.

Try to complete the program by replacing “____” with a sensible Python statement. When you want to know the answer, just click the Pop-up bubble on the beginning of the line in question.

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