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> Does computer code such as the below
make natural sense to you?_

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> Have you ever felt that coding is _

Complex, is it?

Thousands of lines of indented code often look more complex than they actually are. On the contrary, indentation is meant to ease your understanding, not to confuse you!


Cryptic, is it?

The half-English variable names. The indentation. The truly cryptic $%^&* operators. Underneath it’s just a different vocabulary per language/program that you need to pay attention to. Gimmicks, it is.

Cryptic it?

Sometimes a surprisingly small chunk of code can drive very sophisticated and divergent behaviour in programs. The high level of abstraction helps us enormously in modelling complex systems. Useful.

Abstract it?

At Microsoft, no one knows all the code of Windows. You work in one part and the rest are black boxes. Being able to talk to black boxes without knowing it inside out is in fact the beauty of programming.


> No panic!
> Let sort out your CS studies.
> This means _

Practice makes perfect.

Seamless integration of learning materials, runnable examples and coding exercises. Fully interactive and hands-on experiences.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Zero installation. Start coding straight away, no time wasted in setting up the software. Learn it in class, at home, with a PC, on an iPad... whenever, wherever!

Immediately useful.

You are taught not only to code, but to solve maths, physics, chemistry and biology problems with your code. Isn't that fascinating?

Look back and revise.

The problems you attempted, the code notebooks you have written, the discussions - all recorded, tracked and can be readily revisited.

We are still busy building out – that’s why we have only a limited number of available course. We are working tirelessly to onboard more coding courses surrounding maths, physical, biological and social science subjects. All courses are for free, forever.

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