Computing Exams Clinic 1-to-1 (GCSE/A-level/IB)

Jenna Wang

Workshop Overview

Due to the significantly increased uptake of the new Computer Science GCSE/A-Levels in the UK, we are offering high-quality individual tutoring and Q&A sessions specifically for the preparation of curricular examinations, including

  • GCSE (all exam boards)
  • A-Levels (all exam boards)
  • IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • Cambridge Coding

Our one-to-one sessions are organised and charged per 30-minute slots of problem solving time spent together over the video/audio connection. To reap the maximum benefits of the session, we kindly ask that the students send in a problem sheet and/or a list of topics to discuss, ideally 24-hours before the session commences.

Workshop Topics

  • Algorithms and Data Structure
  • Programming Languages
    • Python
    • C/C++
    • C#/Visual Basic (.Net framework)
    • Javascript
    • Java
    • Pseudocode(sic)
  • Code Debugging, Optimisation & Analysis
  • Software Development & Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Network and Internet

Workshop Delivery

  • Sessions can be arranged with flexibility in the evenings or on weekends, or in daytime on selected dates.
  • The workshop sessions are taught through the use of live, online classrooms with screenshare, interactive whiteboard and video/audio links. Dial-in numbers are also provided in case there is not sufficient bandwidth for video streaming.
  • We only charge for the live sessions; pre-session and post-session follow-ups (e.g. to review the solution a problem) will be provided at the discretion of the tutor, but free of charge.

Workshop Instructor

This workshop is hosted by Dr Xiaofan Li, Founder and CEO of EdBridge. You can find more about Dr Li from here.