EdBridge is a next-generation education technology and content provider. Our current primary focus is to build out an computational presentation platform for teaching, learning and research, with an emphasis on STEM-related subjects which involve computing. We aim to augment and serve the following sectors:

  • Full-time education sector, covering students generally aged 10 to 20 (KS2 to undergraduate)
  • Training providers in the computational fields such as Quant Finance, AI, and Data science
  • Research and technology sectors that conduct computation based development projects

Our products and services include

  • Development and deployment of our intelligent coding/STEM teaching platform for schools
  • Authoring of original teaching and testing content in CS and STEM subjects on the platform
  • Development of computational learning and research platform for academic institutions
  • Running an online computational learning portal for full-time students worldwide
  • Organising events, summer courses and workshops for domestic and international students


Current Team

Co-Founder, Computer Science, Finance, Biology, Physics

Xiaofan Li
MPhil(Cambridge University), PhD (Francis Crick Institute/UCL), CQF
London, UK

COO, Co-Founder

Jenna Wang
MSc (Cass Business School), Former Pricing Actuary
London, UK

Founding Member, Finance Director

Ashley Chen
Master of Finance (Ecole Polytechnique-HEC-ENS), CIMA Qualified
London, UK

Founding member, Physics, Maths, Computer Science & Finance

Daniele Moroni
MSc (Rome), PhD (Amsterdam), Postdoc Fellow (Cantab)
Tuscany, Italy

Software Engineer Intern

Dragos Popa
BSc Computer Science Candidate (University College London)
London, UK

Software Engineer Intern, PhD candidate at Imperial College London

Hongzheng Zhao
MSc (Imperial College London), PhD candidate (Imperial College London)
London, UK


Summer Software Engineer

Shangyi Lin
MEng Engineering Candidate (Cambridge University)
Cambridge, UK

Summer Software Engineer

Chenyang Xu
MEng Engineering Candidate (Cambridge University)
Cambridge, UK